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Experience and suggestions on these 2 presses? PLease1

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Hey fellow TF lovers!
I'm looking to buy a beginners press for rhinestone applications. Do any of you have experience or suggestions for the 2 presses in the links below? I appreciate your time in advance.
Digital 15x15 Clamshell Flat Heat Press (Free Shipping) [HP4801] - $249.99 : Sunie.com, Leading Provider of Signs Equipment.

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I have the sunie, and it's a good press for the price and low-volume work. Search the forums for both of the companies and you will quickly find your answer.

I bought a **cheap press** off of eBay... About the only thing I could do was sell it for scrap metal and buy another one. (There's a good, long thread about the cheap presses too.)
There are other things to consider like warranties, dealer's reputation, actual built and ruggedness, etc. If its between the 2 presses, I think I have seen and heard enough and would look deeper into the sunie.
The most important thing is purchasing from a reputable supplier who will provide service if there are any problems that arise.
As I mentioned, dealer's reputation is indeed important. Although unfortunately, many dealers (in no way referring to anyone in particular and I live in the Philippines) don't seem to do business the way they used to do - holding customer satisfaction high as their corporate mission.

You got PM ed. Interested in some of you stuff.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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