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Hi All

Long story short, I have been happily using ACS Design Studio with my KNK Maxx for about 5 years for cutting HTV. Recently I dropped my laptop and damaged the security dongle, although it does still work. I contacted the company I bought the software from as I wanted to replace the dongle in case the damaged dongle stopped working. This supplier have studiously ignored 4 emails. I then went to KNK and asked how to get a replacement dongle and I was told you have to buy another package. I then asked how to contact the software manufacturer so I can get another package and have since been ignored by KNK. I have MTC and that it just does not cut the mustard for what I am doing, it is too limited in it's cutting features. Grrrrr. At this point I would rather not use any of the software associated with KNK as I do not feel their lack of customer service should be rewarded in any way.

So, has anyone used any other type of software with a KNK Maxx? Does anyone know if WinPCSign Basic works with the KNK Maxx?


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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