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EXCITED!! My UPGRADE is on the way!

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Hi Guys!!

I'm ready to take the plunge and upgrade from my little Silhouette Cameo (which has been a real little trouper, btw) to a more professional machine.

I'd been stuck in RESEARCH mode for months but I decided to go for it and get a Roland GX-24. I've been completely happy with my Hotronix Autoclam 16x20 press and ultimately I wanted to feel that same way about my cutter. I want to feel like it was a good decision, even years later, yanno??

ANNNNNYYYWAY!:) My Roland is due to arrive by the end of the week and I wanted some recommendations on making the transition and overcoming the learning curve. Can anyone recommend a good video or learning source so I can get up and running quickly?

Software wise, I have my Silhouette Designer Edition (which will be of no use now) and Adobe Illustrator CS5. I know enough to be dangerous in Illustrator, but I still feel like I have a ways to go. Santa bought me WinPCSign Pro 2014 for Christmas and even though I have it installed, I haven't really used it yet but I'd like to.

Any recommendations/videos/resources would be greatly appreciated!
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Winpcsignpro has driver for your Roland. You can design and cut directly from winpcsign pro. Suggest you get a 60 degree blade from Clean Cut Blade Absolutely the best and made in USA
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