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Excalibur 551 Colour Matching Kit/System for Pantone Matching - Any reviews?

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Hey Everyone -

Getting really close to buying this system.

Have any of you used it? Anything you have to share about it?

I would like this to be used for regular plastisol printing and also used with doing plasticharge.

Anyway, just looking for any comments from those of you with experience using Excalibur - Not too much info when I searched around.

Thanks a lot!
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I wanted to give a follow up. We went ahead and bought the 551 ink mixing system from Excalibur (Lancer) after being very close to going with Wilflex MX series. I am sure we would have been more than happy with Wilflex, as we are using Brite Tiger White and love it... but the idea of unquestionably needing a white under base *most* of the time on anything other than white or light grey garments had me looking elsewhere.

We really wanted an ink mixing system that was ready to use, opaque enough to use on light and dark garments AND have a soft hand. All of this and be phthalate free with very good ability to match pantone colors.

After using the system for about a month now, I can say we are more than impressed with Excalibur's performance. We are also happy with Jeff who is the rep for Excalibur we were dealing with. He was patient with a lot of questions and gave us a great introductory deal on the system.

The ink matches up to pantone colors wonderfully with the color pro software. After one wash, the ink almost feels like water base (printed thru 195 mesh) - Very bright/vibrant colors. Easy to print. Great wet on wet printing. The list goes on.

This is what we were looking for and the price is right. I could not find much on the forum about Excalibur ink and especially the 551 mixing system.

Hope this helps someone else who is in the same position we were in a month ago. If you are considering going with this system, don't hesitate. Top notch.
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Thanks for the info. Getting the set of 551 inks in 2 days. Cant wait to try them out.
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