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Events in the Las Vegas area

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Hey everyone so this is to anyone in the Las Vegas area or has knowledge about it. Are you guys aware of any events,meetups,groups, etc related to fashion(doesn't necessarily have to be just t-shirts) and/or art that happen on a regular basis out here in the valley? I am already aware of the Magic convention which I attend each time it comes out here as well as DunkXChange and First Friday.

I am looking for more events that I can network locally at on a regular basis and talk with others rather than the once/twice a year tradeshows. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!
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Agenda is a big one though it past: The Agenda Show — Trade Show – Skate – Surf – Streetwear – Lifestyle – Sneakers

Also I recommend going to MeetUp.com and searching for what your looking for.

I have friends who are regularly out on the club scene promoting their brand, not sure how well they're doing. They'll rent out a cabana to promote their brand, which doesn't sound very cost effective or reasonable to me.
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