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EU - Pneumatic Large Format Heatpress Schulze BigOMatic 70100 for sale

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Hi guys,
im offering my Schulze BigOMatic 70100 Large Format Heat Press for sale since i updated to a rotary press.
The HeatPress is still working on a daily basis but up for sale.
Its located in the EU - Zagreb, Croatia.
The Heatpress has a working space of 100x70 cm and with the press comes a Gast Compressor with a 50l tank.
The price is 3800€ includng Transport within the EU, if you pick the machine up the price goes down. The machine is from 2009 and has only 2200 presses.

Here are some pics even tho its in German i can provide some recent video in case someoe is interested:

BIG-O-Matic 5880/70100/90130/112150 | SCHULZE - Transferpressen

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