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I'm looking for some fresh input on Etsy. I searched the forum, most of the posts are older. A lot the web reviews I've read were negative. Is it worth it? Trying to pump up sales a bit. Thanks, Mike
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Etsy is great if you know what you are doing. Their results rank high on Google so you can get very good search engine traffic. The art is to sell things people are actively searching for. Being skilled in photography is also a plus since the shopper's love to see the products displayed on people. I've had success on Etsy and I know several people who do.

I never thought Etsy as a primary source of revenue for the business. I saw it more of a promotional channel. I used it to build a client base that I could sell to directly. You have to markdown prices and lose profit margin inside of any marketplace. Use it build the customer list to sell to them in the future. Include a flyer with your website when you ship the product and send them an email with your website.
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