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Error on freejet 320 please help

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When I turn on my freejet 320 the carriage moves over to the left and the status light flashes blue. The machine will then do nothing else.

Any help resetting the machine would be really appreciated.

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un plug from the back power plug.... let sit for a few minutes... replug & restart computer.... THAT MIGHT reset your self......
THERE is a reset operation if youve printed a ton of shirts..... Its a waste ink reset....
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what epson model is it based on? If it is 1290 I can give you epson maintenance software that can reset waste ink counter. This may help. For other Epson models you can google for it. That's how I have found mine for FreeJet 290. It costed me $5 only. The free one I found before did not work.

There is a website that sells them as well as service and users manuals.

Also it is a good advice above to disconnect it from power outlet and wait at least 90 seconds.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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