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Error code 00010034

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Hello Neoflex friends how can I fix error code 00010034. Any help do?
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So when do you get this error, after a print has completed? This is associated with paper
feed/eject but since DTG has no paper, it has to do with end of print but please add more detail
as to when this happens and what leads up to it.
Thanks for the response. I took it to the shop to get fixed. Ink near the dump tank got on computrt board.
Yep, that will do it. Probably in connector cables os such - ink can wick down into flex cable
connectors, dry and then prevents current flow - no connection - boom error codes pop up.

You can clean these your self with alcohol/cloth - might be a first try to fix next time.

Always here to help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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