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Hi all,
our Spectra 3000 keeps flashing Error 08H (CR load position reverse error). When we turn the printer on, the encoder wheel doesn't spin and we get the error message. After several attempts to start it, the encoder wheel begins spinning and the machine begins the start up process, but then suddenly in the middle of it, we get a different error 0AH (CR load position excess load error). And then it goes back to error 08H.
The encoder wheel is clean. We thought our capping station wasn't working properly, so we changed it, but it made no difference. We don't know what to do with the encoder.
Could anyone point us in the right direction, please.

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Not sure exactly how Spectra operates but the 08h error is head movement. In my experience with R3000
and P600 this has been due too:

1) slide shaft friction too high caused by dried/build_up of ink on shaft - clean with alcohol
2) encoder strip has ink or scratch(s) on it - wipe with alcohol/replace
3) head bearing fiction too high. When printers are modified as in Spectra by cutting metal out, small
shavings can get trapped inside these bearings. These are located right where head slides on shaft.
I have cleaned by releasing tension on head belt so you can move head easily. Then put a small
amount of silicon grease right where bearings are and move head left over grease then back, wipe
off the grease and repeat for both side. Only move head to go over grease then back, wipe, add more
grease. If it is black - often the case, then there is grundge/dirt/filings in these bearings. Repeat
until grease mostly clean. Then lube with non-petroleum oil - not DW40 - ever on any parts!

I would wipe shaft at end of every week and apply a few drops of oil (silicone etc) and move head left/right. Wipe off shaft with clean rag. Note that on paper printers there is an electrostatic wick that
catches a lot of the ink that mists off, in DTG this is not used so you will see a lot of ink buildup
on many parts. Keep encoder wheel (PF) and shaft clean, head encoder tape clean, head shaft clean,
do not forget capping station too. CR errors can be caused by build up on ink on wiper blade.

Always here to help.
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