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Error 0001001B

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I recently replaced the print head on my Epson 4880. When I turned it on it gave me a "service req'd 0001001B " code on the display. I read that this is related to the print head temperature and that it had something to do with the print head cables. I replaced both the 0 and 00 cables and it is still giving me the same error code. Any idea what else could cause this error code?
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Hi, since you replaced with new head it is unlikely temp sensor bad (inside head). Also, new cables but
there are other connections in the path from sensor to mother board. I would guess temp sensor output
signal is not going thru to mother board (open sensor) so hence error. I'll work on test points
where you can verify connection from sensor to mother board on a good working printer so you can
verify your end. I'll get back to you asap with info.

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That would be helpful. Thanks!
Hi, quick question. Why did you replace print head, clogged or error?
Hi, quick question. Why did you replace print head, clogged or error?
I replaced it because it was clogged.
.....and clogged head did not give Temp error? New head immediately gave this error? You are confident connections to head are in and no flex-cable pins are bent up, missing or anything?

Sorry for delay in getting test points, I have to measure a good machine which I hope to do on Monday.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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