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Hello All
I'm looking at buying a screen printing business and trying to value the equipment.
Any help people can lend would be appreciated! I've googled some of this stuff but not sure if there are options that aren't included, etc

Screen Printing Equipment
3 Brown Manual press 1 purchased when we moved over 8 years ago.
1 Brown TRX Dryer purchased new 8 years ago
1 Freestyler Printer purchased in 2019 ( for exposing large quantity of screens)
M & R Diamond Back 8 Color Automatic purchased 8 years ago
M & R Dryer purchased to be used with auto ( 8 years ago)
Heat Flashes (3)
2 Heat Presses
Exposure Unit purchased 8 years ago.

Embroidery Equipment
6 Amaya Melco Embroidery machines 3 purchased 8 years ago other 3 (10 years) old but bought with little time on them.
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