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Re: Hi!

Kristee said:
How does this look for a start up list... and what about my prospect list..
Printing PressExposure UnitFlash DryerConveyer DryersScreensDegreasing ChemicalEmulsionScoop CoaterDrying CabinetWash BoothPressure WasherVacuum HeadTapePlaten Protection TapeSqueegeesGoop scoopsPlastic Transfer CardsScreen Block outOn Press WashPlaten AdhesiveSpot Cleaning GunSpot Cleaning FluidScreen Scrub BrushPlastisol InksPlastisol Ink degraderEmulsion reclaimerHaze and stain removerSqueeze spray bottlesHeat temperature readerInk curing testing chemical kitExposure calculatorPrinting test squaresComputer and ScannerSoftwareFastrip softwarePrinterArt ToolsVellum Paper
T shirts!
shoooooooot, you don't need all of that if you're just getting started! the great thing about screen printing is there are lots of alternatives you can use (or eliminate).

here's some things you can use in replacement of costly supplies while you figure out if you like printing or not.

-baking soda is a good degreaser, i've also used fast orange as a degreaser/abrasor

-washout booth? nah, just use a utility tub in the basement/garage

-masking tape works really well for taping screens and doesn't leave behind annoying goo-balls like "real" printing tape.

-go to wal-mart's $1 fabric bin and buy yards of fabric to cut into squares and use as test swatches. we use ours over and over unless we need to see fine detail, then we use a new one.

-block out is handy for only very small pin holes. otherwise you can get away with using masking tape.

-you can make your own drying cabinet. my brother is in construction and built ours out of a cabinet his crew was throwing away. we added metal shelves and he installed a fan. it's awesome, does the job well, and cost $5.

-don't have a powerwasher to wash the emulsion off the screens? take it to the local self serve car wash. they're usually heated, too!

-spend a little extra on buying Shop Towels (you know, the thick blues ones). they're sturdy and absorb plastisol and plastisol remover really well. and you also create less waste.

-we found our bin for soaking our screens in stencil remover at home depot. it came with a lid and probably cost us $15.

I think a lot of the supplies they offer to screen printers are overly expensive and can be avoided once you learn the art, and know what you're looking for. it's all about being resourceful. who cares what you use as long as your end product looks professional and holds up well?
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