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Equipment opinion

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I’ve been looking for a printing press for a while now. I have experience doing shirts using my vinyl cutter and my heat press but now I’m looking for another route. After looking into different brands of presses I feel pretty confident in the two choices I have but I need the opinion of people with much more experience than what I have. Keep in mind that I’ve only worked with vinyl but and I have very little experience in the screen printing industry.

Choice # 1. Vastex V-1000 4/4 w/ E-1000 Vacuum exposure unit, DB-18 Conveyer Dryer, F- Flash $5,852

Choice # 2: Riley Hopkins Lowrider JR [Conveyer Dryer and 4/4 press] I would still need the exposure unit and flash cure unit $4,395

Please let me know what you guys think and don’t hesitate to point out mistakes.

Thank you guys in advance!
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The all in one might be a good option if space is a factor, but to me it seams too cluttered, I'm a little OCD so I like things spread out and organized.
^ Thank you for the advice. What brand do you personally use?
I really like the work horse presses..very sturdy, reliable and very well made.
I've had a 8/8 Workhorse press for 10 yrs without any problems. I agree with footprint, very well made. Personally I like the rear clamps better than side clamps... gives more flexibility with positioning the screen. At times, I've put two pocket prints on the top of one screen and with the rear clamps am able to slide the screen completely left or right in the clamp. I can even turn the screen sideways if needed. Never had any problems with holding registration either. We don't do high end printing, just spot color. 4 color process could be a different story.
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