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Hello everyone!

I have my own little small side business to fund my horse riding activities. So I am making horse themed decals. Basic speed event decals with rider or horses names. Show championship decals. I just started offering custom license plates with horses and horse activities on the front as well. I do fairly well with my facebook page, but also have a website
Rodeo Decal Its a work in progress!

I've learned most everything the hard way I believe. I'm using Make the Cut Software which I enjoy using and is fairly easy. I'm not making t-shirts or anything. I using a KNK Groov-ee to do my cutting. Pondering on getting a print and cut type machine later. I don't really want to do graphics more than 12" really so I was thinking of moving to the KNK Zing next.

I realize my endeavors may seem small scale to some, but if I can cover the cost of my supplies (after covering the cost of my initial investment) and be able to pay my NBHA show fees each month. I will be happy.

Glad to be here! Great advice found so far.
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