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Ello all! i'm new here!
been searching through the forums for about a month now but just got around to registering.
So, i was at Target looking for a grounding adapter..I stumbled into the printer aisle and found a Epson Workforce WF-3640 on sale for $99.99.
I just ordered a heat press this morning so it's time to purchase a printer, inks and transfer paper.
I was wondering if any of my fellow forum friends would recommend the WF-3640? As far as inks and transfer paper go, what kind should i purchase? i know pigment inks work best, but what brand would you recommend? i'm a new to this world so i think i'll stick with buying cartridges instead of doing CIS (until i get familiar with the printer parts at least). and for paper, i hear JPSS is good. I look forward to the replies.

Love and Light! Live and Thrive!
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