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Epson Workforce 7610 problems

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I need some help please.my printer is printing half a page and stopping ,ejecting paper and then starting a new page of same thing. I just started having this problem and wasting a lot of 3G Jet opaque paper. It only does it on large photo pics and doesn't do it then if on plain paper setting but I use presentation setting and high ,which is the best results for me.Has anyone else experienced this? Would really appreciate any help. TY
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check here

if you are wireless make sure you do not have anything else going on
(scanner/other printer/cutter/even working on other programs)
try hard wiring to printer (better data highway than wireless)

i never had any color issues using my plain paper settings on the neenah dark papers,
same settings as jpss
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I was having a similar problem. It was because the settings on my 7610 were not matching the settings from Illustrator.
When you open your print box from Illustrator, or whatever app, choose printer preferences in bottom corner. This will open your 7610 printer.
My printer was set for 8*10 instead of 8*11, so I had to reset the paper size. Maybe your printer is stuck on a half sheet setting. I also have to exit the 7610 dialog box but then immediately go back into it via the print preferences and just hit ok (otherwise the print dialog box doesn't adjust for some reason). Somehow my Illustrator does not override my 7610 settings so I have to do this for every settings change.

I hope that helps.
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thanks will check that out.
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