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Perhaps a little more info would be helpful --

By 'lines' are you referring to banding in the print or something like what Ibens indicated which would be a line caused by a dirty roller, etc?

Have you printed a nozzle check? And are all segments present or are you missing some? Alot?

You get lines sometimes -- is there anything common when you get the lines vs when you don't? Same or different print? Print settings? Colors? What I'm getting at is, if for example your cyan head nozzles are clogged then any color that the printer uses cyan to make could show the banding.

Don't rule out your ink or your cis for instance -- how old are the inks you are using? Are they the original 1 year old inks you got with your cis? Cis could be developing problems with ink supply to one or more print heads. No ink = no print = banding.

Just need to do some more troubleshooting to eliminate possible causes and isolate the problem.

As for paper not feeding -- I have this problem occasionally with large sheets (13x19). I think it is because my printer is a little too close to the wall and it causes a bow in the paper as it sits in the tray. The bow would tend to pull the edge of the sheet out and away from the pick ups. See if there is something interfering with how your paper sits.

Good luck.
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