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I've been using an Epson WF1100 for about a year. I have an external CIS, generic inks, and all that works fine. My probs are with the actual printer and I'm wondering if these are "normal" with the Epson or if after a year of use, I just need to buy a new one.

1) I have to load each sheet of paper individually - sometimes it spins out several times before catching.
2) There's lines on SOME of the prints, but not all - I've aligned, cleaned print heads, etc.
3) Do you clean the print heads manually? I just use the software button to do it when they don't work for me.

Thanks so much!

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You might just need a cleaning inside the printer. You could have an ink smudge on the roller that is causing lines. You could also have dust or something inside the printer that is interfering with whatever it is that grabs the paper. I don't know, but I just bought an 1100 that I haven't hooked up yet, so I'll be watching to see if anyone knows how to fix it.

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Perhaps a little more info would be helpful --

By 'lines' are you referring to banding in the print or something like what Ibens indicated which would be a line caused by a dirty roller, etc?

Have you printed a nozzle check? And are all segments present or are you missing some? Alot?

You get lines sometimes -- is there anything common when you get the lines vs when you don't? Same or different print? Print settings? Colors? What I'm getting at is, if for example your cyan head nozzles are clogged then any color that the printer uses cyan to make could show the banding.

Don't rule out your ink or your cis for instance -- how old are the inks you are using? Are they the original 1 year old inks you got with your cis? Cis could be developing problems with ink supply to one or more print heads. No ink = no print = banding.

Just need to do some more troubleshooting to eliminate possible causes and isolate the problem.

As for paper not feeding -- I have this problem occasionally with large sheets (13x19). I think it is because my printer is a little too close to the wall and it causes a bow in the paper as it sits in the tray. The bow would tend to pull the edge of the sheet out and away from the pick ups. See if there is something interfering with how your paper sits.

Good luck.

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man let me tell you what.....

i've been using my 1100 since may with a ciss.

i love it.

never have any problems with it.

13x19 film, i fold over the front instead of standing straight up in the feeder. no problems..

until last week.

i have a combination of two problems..

first, business was slow this winter, i was sick and didnt go out looking for business, so i went about 3-4 weeks between print jobs.

in that time, i failed to do any test prints to keep the head from drying out.

also in that time, at some point, somehow, my ciss tanks got tipped over. not a major issue, the ink spill was minor, and cleaned up quickly.

however, unbeknownst to me at the time, the filters got filled with ink. and it dried up on the filter paper and in the little filter cap. essentially, closing the filter.

so, last week i go to print. nothing. everything was printing in very light cyan only. no black. no yellow. no magenta.

couple head cleanings. nothing. just a random line of cyan. not even all the cyan lines. just a spattering.

i have cleaned the head. i have cleaned the ciss. nothing.

so, after reading a few different websites with instructions on cleaning everything, including removing the head. here is what i did..

first i did head cleanings. nothing.

then i took my ciss, and completely emptied it and cleaned it all out. the tanks, the cartridges, the lines. the whole 9. put all the ink in jars, and completely purged it all. and reassembled the ciss. and refilled. then pulled the ink into the carts.

nothing. still no printing.

then i used a syring to shoot some hot windex into the print jets. and let it sit overnight.


then i found instructions for removing the print head.

removed the head. cleaned it. soaked it overnight.

i can easily use a syringe and shoot water through the input ports, and out through the print head. all jets appear to be free of clogs.

the ni used a syringe and filled each input port with its appropriate ink color, until the ink came through the print head.

perfect. no clogs in the head. no air in the head.

reassembled everything.

i had magenta, yellow, and black for half a page. then it went away.

now i get one black working. and sporadic cyan. every now and then i get a a line or two of yellow or magenta.

at this point, i THINK it's my ciss and or air. not a clogged printhead.. based on what i have been reading online.

i have jobs to print this week.

my new 1100 arrived via fedex an hour ago.

i ordered a set of refillable carts, instead of a ciss. when they arrive i plan to put the refillables in the new printer. and put the new OEM carts in the old printer and see if it will print.

i know its not broken. i just havent gotten it to print yet.

when it does, then i'll just have one 1100 for films and one for heat transfers.

so.... yours could have banding from clogs, from a dirty print head, or from air in the lines. or whatever else i havent figured out yet.

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Wow - everyone has great suggestions and some have worse probs than mine! :/ I know that mine at one point said that the ink pads were full and I needed Epson service - it wouldn't print at all. I found {could look for it again if anyone needs it} a reset code for $10 online. It worked great after that.

The ink is only a few months old so I don't believe it's that. I don't use a profile. I learned the colors on PS and how they'll print. The lines appear after I don't print for a few days, but normally will disappear after several prints. This time they haven't :( I've aligned for both text and photo.

I think I need to manually clean the printer - like the dust, etc. That's a good possibility! I may also try to lay the paper over and see if it'll allow me to put more than one in the tray at a time. I print on 8.5"x14" beaver paper.

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On cobras site go to support. They have a procedure to soak the print head. If you get a set of refillable carts you can put cleaning solution or even distilled water do a head cleaning when leaving your printer sit leave these cartridges in there to prevent from drying up
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