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Hey all. I recently purchased a t3270 and am trying to use it for printing film positives.

I began with the OEM black carts in conjunction with accurip and noticed that when printing from the matte black slot, the prints would come out as fairly opaque....HOWEVER, when i would go to touch the printed area after a substantial amount of drying time, the ink would be smudging and there would be a powdery black on my finger.

i thought that the issue may be the OEM matte black, so I went ahead and swapped it out for a different manufacturer's opaque black film positive ink, and I am having the same powdery, not dry experience.

have any of you experienced this before? My media is set to photo glossy 250. I never had this issue with my old 7900. i used to swap back and forth between photo and matte black with normal results whenever i needed to without issue. is there something involving my setup and dial-in that i'm missing out on here?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks a ton
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