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Epson Surecolor F2000W Head cleaning frequency

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Good Morning.

I would like to ask the fellow owners of the Epson Surecolor F2000 how often it asks you to replace the head cleaning set?
We have had to do this, as its been requesting it at:

Total Count: 178 (which includes nozzle checks ect)
Prints: 92 prints

Which amounts to a rather costly venture.

There is no information available on the average amount of prints before attending to this in the manual or otherwise visible online, and our suppliers here are in the dark on how frequent it should be (however, they are fantastic in all aspects!)


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I don't have the F2000, but I am interested in it. How often were you printing?

Are you certain it's asking you to REPLACE the head cleaning kit and not just reminding you to clean/maintain it (recommended to do weekly)?

The Epson F2000 Head Cleaning Kit (C13S092001) retails at $95, so that definitely would be way too expensive for so few prints. But, if you don't print very often, I could imagine that the printer would likely use up the fabric "wiper" station and require replacement.

Got pictures of your capping station?
Machine was installed 11 february, gave the request the 21st.

We print around ten a day - since we've been testing the waters
with the settings, and the wash ability of the pretreatment, ect.

It required a full head cleaning set replacement (the one of
95 $ as you mentioned)

To clarify what had happened: The cleaning material in the wiper unit had spooled from the "new" roll to the "used" roll.

There was no more material left on the "new" side. The spools also locked in place, and it was not possible to even partially rewind the cleaning material. The wiper unit therefore had to be replaced. To avoid a possible impact on the warranty, we replaced the other two parts as well.

We do not switch the machine off at night, as this is recommended by the agents. We only had to do one light clean per day.

The cleaning material roll is quite large, but our whole one was used up in 92 prints and the additional processes. Has anybody else experienced this?

The Local agents are still trying to establish why
this happened - the techie having had to come out here and see.

I suspect that its not suppose to be this often! :O

I will say on that, the washbility, durability and colour profiling of
the garment creator we have found to be miles better than the
DTG M2. The ink is very stretchy too, and we have washed
several shirts on 40 C 1200 cycles, and after seven washes
not even a hint of fade or peel anywhere. Brilliant, so far.
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You should be replacing it every 1,000 - 1,500 prints. I've got 742 prints on ours and still using the original components. I would make sure your firmware on the printer is fully up to date, but not sure if that would make a difference.
Thank you Jerid !:)
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Doesn't this PDF comes with machine? I think it should be free this time. No everytime if it does not meet specs. Fair is fair. By seller(AA would) or Epson.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.


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Hi ther,e we didn't get that with the machine, no.

But as suspected, the Epson guys (even here) are very helpful
and swift to come back. Highly recommend this printer, too!
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