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Purchased this printer in July 2017 at the original Price was $16,500.00 before taxes & shipping. Asking price is $10,000 See pictures for sample prints

I started my own apparel printing company but as a full-time student, I don't have the time to give my business the attention it deserves.

I've maintained the printer religiously and have been able to generate a HUGE amount of business from it. Great asset for any screen printer or custom apparel shop.

Additionally, the printer was professionally set up and adjusted by a gentleman who flew in from Minnesota to train me on proper use and maintenance, as well as how to get the best quality prints and margins.

Routine Maintenance
Daily Tube Washing
Daily Head Cap Cleaning
Necessary head cleanings needed to maintain clean printhead
Nozzle checks
White Ink Shakes
Regular Maintenance
New Head Cap Cleaning Kit
Cleaning around the printhead
Waste Ink Management
Air Filter Change
Ink Replacement

I have taken very good care of this machine. Prints wonderful and very consistent. I also have several accessories to go with it if interested including:
Custom Tables (shown in images)
Custom Pretreat Stand
2 Wagner Pretreat Sprayers
2 Heat Presses ( 15 x15 ) ( 24x16 )
Maintenance Kits
Epson Cleaning Solution Cartridges
and more..


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