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Epson Stylus PRO 4000 conversion

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Is an Epson Pro 4000 suitable for DIY conversion would it be better than a R1900 but not as good as a 4800/4880.

Or are there some good technical reasons for leaving it alone.
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It looks like a 4800? but it does have roll mode so it is a good canidate.. the only advantage i see is that it is a wider print than the 1900.. but this comes with some disadvantages aswell if its similar to the 4800.. print speed is slower, more waste ink (frequent head cleaning after large individual prints-according to my testing) price for parts printheads in particular.. so for the price of a 1900 printhead you can buy a whole new r1900 printer and have all the spare parts.. these are things to consider when making a decision..

not to mention i see alot commercial dtg,s based on a r1900..this should tell you something aswell..

good luck on your research..:)
Thanks Jeff, think I will wait for a R1900 at the right price which is high over here.
I've been thinking of doing this for some time - I have two 4000's and will try to make a flatbed printer from one. I found a service manual. It looks pretty complicated but hopefully nothing that cant be overcome.
Hey, Thanks ! looks like he's ready to go with it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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