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Hey all,

I kinda stumbled onto this printer by accident, as it was being replaced with a stylus 4000, and ended up being given to me. As far as i know it is in full working order, of course with just empty cartridges.

I am totally new to all this, but i want to make some t-shirts. I already have a heat press which i have never used, but am unsure as to what to do and which process to go with.

I see people talking magic ink and durabrite, but i am not sure how they work, i jumped on the magic ink website (TLM i believe), found empty cartridges for my printer and ink refills, but not sure what it meant by chipped for unchipped.

I originally wanted to do sublimation, but have had trouble finding cheap ink for the epson 3000. I have found EPSON compatible sub ink in bottles locally, would that mean i could use any empty cartridge, like the ones from TLM and fill them with this ink and would work on my 3000??

On these forums i have read alot about transfers, which look interesting, but i always thought they required a cutter/plotter to weed out the print or else you would be able to see the layer of film (or whatever they are) on the t-shirt. Dark t-shirt transfers especially??

Also mentioning of durabrite OEM ink? could somebody link me to what these are, I have again only found the magic ink? DO these inks also work with paper, that i guess would be good, to be able to produce t-shirts and posters to go along with them, without swapping inks in and out.

Recently i recieved an email telling me i could get inks to directly print onto fabrics with a large printer like mine, but i can't imagine anyway or actually getting a t-shirt through my printer, seems a bit strange.

This sounds like enough of a newbie start, some help understanding all this would be fantastic, thank you.


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The DuraBrite inks are the Epson brand of pigmented inks for the current model printers. Your 3000 printer originally came with dye inks, but will work with the pigmented inks ok. TLM and JBL Graphics are probably the most popular pigmented inks for transfers. Many people have had good luck with each. I personally have tried the TLM inks (my print head is still soaking!) but have not tried the JBL inks. With pigmented ink transfers, there will be a slight "hand" or feel to the transfered image.

There are no "cheap" sublimation inks. The legal options today for your printer are Sawgrass, ArTanium and TOG. Sublimation printed shirts leave absolutely no "hand" or feel and will never crack, peel or fade.

You will want to decide what products you want image. If you are only printing t's & fabrics, then either will work. If you would want to expand your product range, sublimation will open up the door to many more possibilities including mugs, tiles, metal, glass, etc.

Lots to explore!!

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