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epson R3000 w/ufo base paper jam issue..

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My diy r3000 gives me error, says remove paper jam, it gives direction how to do it, I follow the instructions,, after that it sends the try out and sends it back. However after going through all the motions it keeps telling me the same thing. I even unplugged the printer,,, back to the same message, can't seems to get around it.
At the very first I heard gear grounding, so I shut the printer off, also noticed the the encoder wheel with the red mark on moved way over to around the 2 o clock position. I got the wheel moved back to the 9 O clock position, still getting the same message (remove paper jam) any advice???
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Did you found out about the issue? please
Having same problem.
Have not had a chance to work on it... will let you know with any luck...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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