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Epson r2000 Color problems

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I've make biggest mistake I could and bought DTG printer from IEHK.

At the beginning i've problems with head aligment. After I solve this problem I fight with another one.

When I using AcroRIP (I bet it was cracked by them) i have problems with colors. You can see few of prints there with settings I've printed: http://tiny.pl/q4vhl

Orginal image looks like that: http://tiny.pl/q4vhk

My ink cartridge are like this YMKWWWWC

When I tried print in CMYK from photoshop you can see results of this here: http://tiny.pl/q4vh1

What I could do to print well only in CMYK well and do not use ink cartridge with white ink?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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