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Hi Everyone, i know this is DTG section but didnt see specific DTF section yet.

I have some experience with DTG wasn't my cup of tea and i sold the printer, before selling the R1900 based printer i had ordered an R1800 for parts 2nd hand.

The R1900 is gone now so i have a working R1800 I'm considering turning to a DTF.
I bought Dampers, Ink lines , Ink Bottles including a fancy self stirring one for the white ink.

As far as i can see a DTF conversion please correct me if I'm wrong is just removing the wheels thet usualy hold paper in place on the machine and add a CISS.

The system i have in mind with dampers needs some sort of a delete/bypass of the ink sensors installed in printer carriage
could anyone help me bypass these. is there a special wiring method for the ink board.

I have been looking here for a R1800 DTG guide but canot find one maybe someone knows how to do this ?

Thank you
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