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Hi guys, today i have resolved 2 epson r1400 waste ink error.

First i have put a bottle to received the waste ink, and then, i have tried several programs to reset the printer, finally, i have found one, that made the job :).

If someone needs it, i can upload it ;)


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Does it work for WF 1100? And can it work with any refill ink system after unlocking it?

Thanks in advance
The "official" version is at Epson site here ...

Epson Ink Pads Info - Epson America, Inc.

You have to scroll down the "terms and conditions page" then check "I accept" then you can click into a drop down list of all the Epson models covered. The WF1100 is supported.

Most refill ink systems don't have a waste ink container, but some do.

Otherwise, if you don't have one you are not advised to use the reset except to allow you to keep printing for a very short period of time or complete your print job if the flashing lights came on in the middle of the job.

Once the waste pads are full enough they can cause ink spill out into the printer and onto the surface the printer is on.

If you don't have an add-on waste tank you can get those from Cobra (and others).

.:: Cobra Ink Systems::. This is where the term CIS began
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