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WeeJames said:
Hi Folks,
Looking into getting a printer for printing transfers and saw that the C88 was the way to go as it uses pigment ink. In the house we already have an Epson Stylus Photo 890. I cant find any information on what type of ink it uses. Does anyone know? And if it uses non-pigment ink, is it possible to buy cartridges containing pigment ink and use them with the printer?


Google search for Epson 890 specs came up with link for Epson:

The ink is dye ink. You are in luck,the Epson 890 if matches what you have uses same ink as very popular Epson wide format 1280.

I bet personalizedsupplies.com will probably have pigment ink (called Magic Mix) in cartridges or bulk for this printer. Cindy there has ink for my even older Epson 900. You should email her. That's what I did. Many like Magic Mix. I'm just testing it right now with different papers including tried-and-true TransJet II paper.

There's another company that carries pigment ink for older Epsons as well but name escapes me...Spectra?

Cheers, Susan, Los Angeles area
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