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Epson Printer for films..which one?!?!?

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Hi there,

I'm based in the UK, just started screen printing and I've been using my canon inks jets to print transparencies, it's ok but i have to run the film through 3 or 4 times until the ink is opaque. Time has come to replace the cartridges so I'm thinking I'll get a new epson instead (apparently they are better for films?!). Nothing amazing just a standard epson.

Only thing is I've had a go at using an Epson DX7450 and it doesn't seem much better than the canon. also it spit the transparency straight out unless i usea strip of masking tape to 'trick' it.

So I'm looking at maybe these models:


But I'm not sure how any of these will do the job.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I need to sort this out asap to run film off for a job!

Cheers in advance,
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