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Guys i dont know where to post my question.

For my printing needs i need to print lots of sticker labels for our motorcycle spareparts. I need your opinion guys on what affordable printer i should buy. Must be Pigment so sticker label would last its appearance.

Epson or Canon?

Is thete a way for an Epson Pigment base ink last same as Canon bec what i know epson is like a disposable i have 2 Epson T13 dye ink now not able to print anymore. Or better Canon but others saying that epson has better printing quality than epson?

I hope u can help me decide so when my silhouette cameo arrive i can also buy already my printer and start print n cut those sticker labels.


Ooops im sorry i didnt know Canon not compatible to use Pigment ink.. what about Epson L110 any problem using Pigment ink and how its performance regarding printerhead clog or its already improve?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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