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Hi there I have started a basic test rig to try and see if I can get this to work I am using a Epson r210 as a cheep printer I got for $30 lol worked well before my start. So at the mo I have reassembled this Epson and attached it to my rig . Now when I power it up it come up ready to go and happy but I have to have the black base tray that clips in below the printer head otherwise the PW sensor will bring up two flashing lights but this is sorted by putting the clip in plastic tray in any how when I send a print job to it I either get no paper or paper jam error I have been trying to hit the Pe switch in different timings after starting print job witch gives me one or other error jam or no paper. My question is if anyone know is does the PW sensor need to see a white paper or not and do I need to trip the PE sensor at all . Can I bypass or disconnect either one of these sensors at all or any info on the operation of these and what they are looking for this Epson r210 is basically the same as all the Epson R models also here's a link to my test printer bit rough and ugly lol but once I get past these issues I will tidy it up .

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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