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Which is the best choice?
Epson F2100 or Brother GT361

Good Morning,
I'm new here in the forum, so forgive me possible typos (using the translator).

I am creating a T-shirt e-commerce and I will have many options of prints / drawings for people to choose what they want to buy.
The print will be digital / DTG, because I intend to have a stock of ready-made t-shirts, but without the stamp / drawing. Only when the customer buys a particular drawing, it will be printed on the shirt. So I think of buying a digital printer, but I have questions about which brand to buy because I am very pleased with some citations of clogging issues and other defects that can occur with these printers.

So I am considering the possibility of buying the new Epson F2100 or the Brother GT 361. From what I have read so far, the print quality is good on both brands.
But would you like to know which one has the least problems?

If someone has already purchased the F2100 or the GT361 and can tell me about each one or a comparison between brands, this would be of
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