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Recently bought this F2000 dtg printer and i let it sit for 2wks,went to print & only printed CYAN, did a few heavy head cleanings & still nothing. Did just about everything and now only Magenta works. My nozzle checks wont even print anthing besides the Magenta now. What do i do? Does this mean i need a new print head? so bummed! im new to this whole DTG and had no idea this would happen so quickly if not used regularly.Trying not to spend $2000 if i dont have to???? ANY HELP OR ADVISE.

Located in Victorville CA. if anyone lives nearby?
It sounds like you might have a clogged head. Try the following steps to diagnose the issue, and see if the head is the problem. All of these procedures and troubleshooting steps can be found in the service manual, I have attached a link to the site where you download a FREE copy of the service manual of that system, download it and keep it for reference.

1. Perform a manual cleaning of the system ink components (capping station, printhead). This should be done at least once daily ( I prefer twice , at start of day and end of day, EVERYDAY)

2. Inspect the ink lines, capping station, and head for signs of dried ink or air bubbles. If you see anything odd, make note of it and clean any area you can with cleaning solution.

3. Perform a small ink charge

4. Perform a nozzle test (wait at least 5 minutes before moving on to step 5)

5. Perform 2nd small ink charge

6. Perform a 2nd nozzle test

7. Compare the two nozzle tests side by side to see if ANYTHING changes, did any nozzles begin firing that were not? If the missing nozzles stayed in the same between the two nozzle tests, then you most likely have a clogged head. Changing the head alone is not suggested, I would change the head and the dampers (the dampers most likely have issues as well) You can try the steps below to see if you can get the system ink lines and head clean.

8. You flush the system , this procedure is described on page 249 in the service manual, you will need a cleaning cartridge with cleaning solution. This might help clear the lines, dampers and head.

I hope any of this helps.
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