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Perfect condition Epson F2000 printer. This printer has just been serviced. New Print head, Maint Assembly and Dampers. This printer was a replacement printer under warranty by Epson in April 2017. The original printer was purchased in November of 2014. Epson after numerous service visits by Decision One and Epson Techs flown in the original printer was replaced in April. Epson does not warranty after the tree year time.
Included with the printer are the following;
2 year old Equipment zone Pre Treat. Never had an issue works perfect this replaced a Viper 6000 which was a constant problem

1- Youth Platten
2 Adult plattens (1 never used)
4.5 gallons of Epson pretreat solution (This was a 5 gallon cube and we used about 1/2 gallon. Full cube price over $600.00

18 never opened ink cartridges
mix of cyan, magenta,yellow, and black

15 used carts with some ink left in them.
2 almost new White ink carts.
4 unopened cleaning carts
10 partially used cleaning carts.

If you are local I have a homebuilt wheeled table that we have used.

I am asking $15000.00 for everything. This is an exceptional bargain.
Why am I selling? We purchased a new Workhorse Sabre 8/10 Auto press. Since we purchased this we are taking the company in a new direction and the DTG does not fit our business model.
Any questions contact we direct at
ask For Rick We have pics and a video we just took after the tech left.
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