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Hey! I am looking for some insight on an issue.

Long story short my W2 nozzle was going out, but I could gain it back in full by doing 4-5 light head cleanings. After a week of this happening I knew an issue was causing this so I called a tech.

He came out and replaced my maintenance assembly one day ago. He did a nozzle check and the W2 was gone completely (Before it was somewhat there). He did 3 HEAVY cleanings (GOODBYE WHITE LOL) & the W2 still did not come back. He said it was either the head OR air in the lines. He told me to insert the cleaning cartridges in the white and if it was air that would bring the W2 back. He left and did not wait on this to process. Anyways the W2 never came back.

I put my machine back in ECO tube washing mode, and did a tube wash on it since I was going to shut it down. & I noticed the back hole of the suction cap was not sucking the fluid.

I called the tech to tell him the W2 never came back & he insisted it was the print head. I tried to explain the fact that the tube washing was not draining down one of the suction cap holes, and he kept tell me I did not need to clean the suction cap since it was new.


My first question is - Is it normal for the back hole on the suction cap not to drain once replaced?
Second - Does this sound like the head OR is he just selling me on stuff?
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