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Epson C60, Plastisol and more

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I own a retail embroidery shop and lately decided to print my own transfers rather than farm it out ot my local screen printer. I ordered an Ista Press and hope to get started this week. My intention was to purchase an Okidata 5300 laser printer, but thought it prudent to start with the Epson C60 I already have at home. Most of the request I get are for photos on shirts and the turn around requested is between 1-4 days. Many customers prefer darks over lights. With all this in mind, I have a few questions....

1) Will the C60 give me a good quality print and what inks would you recommend?
2) When is it best to use an outside service to produce transfers? If I need just one or two with Aunt Sarah's photo in a few days, does it pay to send out? and is if good for printing on darks.
3) Any opinions about laser printers over inkjets?
4) screen printing over plastisol for runs under 48 pieces. Pros vs Cons

thanks all.

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Hi Dean, first of all the C60 is an old model printer. Low print resolution and does not use pigment ink. So As an ex epson rep and a person that does heat transfers I would recommend getting the new c88 (5760 x 1440 DPI) twice your old printer and it uses pigment ink. Now you can do photos on light shirts with transfers (recommend Iron all, mira cool papers) On dark you would have to use opaque transfers (recommend blue grid) You can not use plastisol for pictures unless you use a lot of colors and that my friend is expensive.(example 6 color prints from first edition for 48 is 6.58 each.) Opaque transfer is about 90 cents. Big difference. By the way where are you. I may need some outsourceing for embroidory as I I am getting into that area with sport teams. I am in calif. anyone else may contact me also. Just getting back up nothing going on yet.
I will be using plastisol for all my large print orders and I like what transfer express offers in ready made transfers with little changes. Lou
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Hi Lou,

Thanks for your quick reply. My use of the Epson C60 was just to hold me over until I make a decision on either a laser printer or perhaps the Epson you recommend.

As for embrodiery, you may email me I'm in the LA region of SoCal.

thanks and regards for your advice.

Lou, what is your take on the epson r220 printer. What can u tell me about this printer? Does it use the pigment ink that is required for heat transfers? I really like this printer for its abilty to print directly to printable cd/dvd's, but dont want to use 2 different printers. Printing on cd's and dvd's is just for my own personal use of course so i could live without that feature, if this printer isnt suitable for transfers.
The 220 is a dye ink printer. Not a pigment ink printer It also uses 6 inks if I am not mistaken. It is ok for what it does but I would not buy it for transfers. Nope,,nada
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