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Epson 7620 cyan just stopped

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So refilled cartridges as I have done many times. Printed about 12 pages with perfect color when blues started going purple then red. Checked the cartridges and cyan was still half full. Nozzle check showed no cyan on it at all. Tried some head cleanings and some prints, got one good print then same thing happened again. I have 180 mugs to do and can not figure out what is going on. Maybe air in refillable cartridge did something, I have no clue what to do now, been messing around for a couple hours wasting ink and paper.
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from who you bought those refillable cartridges ?
don't waste any more ink and paper, call Cobra ink
Anyone know if if epson wf7710 uses same inks and profiles of the 7620. I'm in small town Canada so options for printers to get very quickly are limited.
yes they should be the same carts/inks/profiles

where are you in canada (sorry, i can't recall), i have a cis for a wf7610 that may work for you

i have a tutorial on cleaning the printheads on these somewhere, i will look for it and report back
Thanks T. I'm in Manitoba. Been on these forums since 2007 but old account I could not log in to so just started a new one a while back.
i just checked epson and they are all 252 carts

if you want my cis, let me know (it's free, just pay my shipping costs from bc to manitoba)
it has been sitting for awhile since my 7610 died, so it might need a complete cleansing
(i was given a smaller cx7800, so have no need for the cis)

i finally found that epson printhead cleaning doc,
turns out it was an old thread from here
epson c88 printing blank pages
Thanks for the offer T. Got ink going , still not a perfect nozzle check but more than good enough to print out the 40 pages I needed to do.
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