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EPSON 610 use or not use

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I'm new to this site and new to the T-shirt game. I have an Epson 610. Is this a good printer to use on Transfer paper? I plan on buying JPSS paper. Will I be able to light and dark color shirts with this, if so what will I need along with this printer? Does this printer need a CIS, or will just getting the Durabright ink for the printer work? Any and all info is welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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I am not familiar with the 610 but if it uses pigment ink you will be fine with JPSS for white/light pastel. I have yet to find a transfer for darks that does not have a heavy plastic like hand so I don't do them
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Thank you for your reply. Being able to use this printer will save me from having to buy a new one.
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