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So I bought this printer with blackmax ink and accurip. I figured as it was marketed as a professional printer, it would be fast and robust.

So far, not entirely impressed.

Accurip works great. No issues there.

Black max ink - again, no probs. one cartridge leaked all over, which totally sucks, but the rest are dry.

The printer is painfully slow to initialize and print, though. I can literally create a new design on illi whist waiting for the printer to spit out a positive after I hit the print button. Computer is a 27" maxed out iMac with ssd. It's not the computer or connection (4 foot cable). So either accurip or the printer.

I also get ink cartridge errors almost EVERY time I turn on the printer and go to print. Advice online is to change the cartridge. Yeah, great. The ink system alone initially cost me about $900. I have 3 other printers in the same room and a plotter - none have issues (2x inkjets, 1 Sublimation with CSS)

So I eject a cartridge and rub the chip with a shirt. That often sorts it after a few tries. If not, I'll use an alcohol medical wipe and that will also help. So far so good. Well, not good at all, but at least the machine that cost me $5k to buy and import is kinda working.

When nothing works, I'll try to reset the chip with the enclosed chip resetter I got with the black max system. However, I'll give anyone $100 if they can show me how to reliably use it to reset chips. So far, maybe 7 hours of trying and 3 actual resets. I'm a design engineer, so kinda understand electronics and how stuff works. This is literally hit and not even hope.

So today I turn on the printer and get the standard ink cartridge error. Incidentally, it's normally on one of 4 cartridges. This time it was a new one - leaky number 7. So I went through all my procedures and nothing worked. Tried resetting the chip with the resetter I got sent with the kit for 2 hours. Still nothing. Nothing. Of course, the printer won't even accept any jobs now.

I ended up buying a full new refillable system with chips that reset with a simple connection between 2 contacts. Something I could ill-afford when I still have ink in every cartridge and deadlines to hit. I just hope that this fixes the issue and it is not a problem with the ink cartridge chip reader within the printer. If it is, I'll literally trash it with a hammer.

Overall, I have some serious post-purchasing dissonance with this printer. There is FAR too much electronics in it that are designed to make you spend more money needlessly. If they worked, it would be ok - but even with their OE cartridges, they still have failures and you are expected to throw away half full cartridges whenever their system throws a wobbly.

Every other printer I've ever owned (a frikin bunch), prints faster and with less issues. Epson tried to exert too
much control to try and maximise profits. Simply greedy. Also somewhat disappointed I can't easily reset the chips that were meant to be re-settable with the blackmax system I bought. It looks like an Epson 4800 resetter.

Best thing you can do is save yourself a BUNCH of lost time and buy a smaller wide format that has substantially less processing power that will actually print, rather than look for an excuse not to. The idea was to save money and use rolls of film. So far, I'm WAY behind. Especially now I have to give back deposits to customers because we can't hit their deadlines, since my crappy Epson 4900 won't print anything without a "chip error". I'm actually loosing great customers over this - it's damaging my business.

As I said, I have a bunch of other printers and plotters in the same room, all used with the same frequency (2 of them Epson). This is an absolute joke so far.

Any advice or helpful experiences greatfully received. It's going
To take at least a week for my replacements to arrive. Until then, I'm totally F***ed, as we say in the industry.

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The 4900 has the newer firmware to try and protect you from using aftermarket ink. Richie I feel for ya but can tell you contact DTG Printer Parts in CA. These guys know these printers. They helped me fix my 4800. There are some new refillable cartridges that are suppose to work much better then the first refillables but I am not positive they carry them for 4900. They also had a 4800 chip resetter that worked better then any other I've used.

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Thanks guys,

I had already purchased this kit:


I chose it because to reset the chips you just have to form a circuit with a pair of tweezers between 2 contacts and also because they used bags and so did not require a vent hole in the cartridges. Since these things hold over 2 liters of ink, they last for a while and I didn't want ink drying up.

Hopefully a change of cartridge is all that's needed to get me back up and running and then I can address the exponential printing time! This system should also save me $800 every ink fill.

Right now I'm using an old canon mx310 for spot colours. I double up positives to get an opaque print and the edges are pretty rough compared to the quality I'm used to, (more down to the cheap film i only have available), but it's got me out the smelly stuff, so I can live with that! New system arrives with half a liter of dye ink to get me started on either Tuesday or Thursday. Probably the latter.

I'll post an update on this thread.

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So I got the new kit today with some of their ink.

All went pretty well. Pull the bung out, blow bag, fill with ink, replace bung. Jiggle it about. Put exit hole vertical, suck out air.

I found I then needed to position the cartridge horizontally to suck out the last of the air and get a good prime, but other than that - all was good.

Loaded it into the printer, turned the mother on and everything is sorted

I had the leaky cartridge with the dodgy chip sitting there so decided to rescue the remaining ink. Got a decent amount out of it, so I'm pretty Chuffed.

I've no need to reset the chip yet and I've only replaced one cartridge. I'll do the others as and when they fail or empty.

Otherwise, all is looking very promising. I only bought 440cc of their ink as I can get bulk a lot cheaper. 2 liters lasts me about a year at current rate, so the next fill should only cost me about $100.

Thanks for all your help. Next job is to try and see why the printer is so slow - maybe I've got some pre-print checks activated that I can cancel. Actual printing off a roll does still take far longer than I would expect from a more studio-orientated printer, though.
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