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Epson 4900 configuration options and film output

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Hello Forum,

I just picked up an Epson 4900. Our shop has only had the 1400 and 1430 in the past.

We like the idea of roll film for the savings Accurip/ ganging images.

Our questions is on the possible configurations. Currently our new 4900 is set-up with stock Epson inks. We like the idea of keeping the stock Epson inks for printing images, but then replacing either one or both of the blacks with Black Max inks.

With a 220ml cartridge (a ton of ink compared to the 1430 cartridges) what are the advantages of going all black? Just print time? Ryonet vaguely documents the hybrid/tribrid systems they sell, but they are a small fortune.

Has anyone set-up their own sublimation / film output solutions on the 4900?

With Accurip, do I even need to switch the Epson black inks or will the stock inks print a dense film positive?

With 11 ink cartridges, how do I divide them for sublimation/ film output?

Any input on this would be appreciated.

Superluxe Team
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I was told that accurip will ask which carts to use. i dont know just got one and having problems loading the film.
You can choose which inks to use in accurip setup. Look at ryonets latest video on YouTube
There is a RIP that allows you to print CMYK sublimation and black in 4 other slots. I think it has been updated to print CMYK Lc Lm and 5 blacks for the 4900. Can't remember the name but I used it a few years ago for my 4800 but sold it with the printer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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