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Epson 4880 vs Epson 1100

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I currently use an Epson 4880 and a Ricoh GX 7000 printer in my sublimation shop. I print on 13x19 sublimation paper only. The 4880 is my favorite by far, but I am considering adding the 1100 to my stable, mainly because everyone seems so high on them and the cost is far below what I've invested in the Ricoh and the 4880. I want to use the bulk ink system in the 1100. Can anyone tell me what to expect for differences between the 4880 and the 1100 as far as quality goes? I know there is a lot of negative talk about the Ricoh on this site, but other than colors printing way out in left field and the appetite for ink, mine has gotten me by when needed. I would like to replace it with the Epson 1100. Fire away....
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