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Epson 4880 - no white

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Hi all

I recently bought a Epson based 4880 machine second hand. Unfortunately it doesn't print white at all.

I have removed the head, cleaned it and flushed it through, no blockages there. There doesn't seem to be any blockages in the line.

I don't think this machine was cleaned very often to be honest. There was a huge amount of dried ink around the printhead when I got it.

Heads in the UK are very expensive to replace, so my question is, is this likely to be a damper or head failure? Considering the head flushes through with no blockages present.

What I don't want to do is replace the head and find out that it was just a fairly cheap damper.

Also, I don't know how the white failed - whether it was over a period of time, or suddenly.
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An update - so far I’ve replaced the head, the capping station, dampers and manually flushed the white lines through - still no white printing.

Anyone got any ideas? I’m ready to throw this machine out of the window.
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