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First, let me say that I have reviewed numerous threads regarding Epson 4880 woes already. Maybe I missed something in the old discussions... having said that:

Our 9 year old 4880 keeps losing the cyan channel entirely after 5 to 10 prints. We have refillable tanks and are running cleaning solution through the light (right side) banks. We are using Sawgrass Sublim Reserve ink that is now 15 months past its use-by date. I recognize and suspect that this could be the problem right off, and this may be all that one needs to know.

Anyhow, I have replaced and cleaned the cyan damper twice, and after both times, cyan just suddenly stops completely between prints. The damper was completely clogged before the first change... it seemed OK the second time, but maybe it really was clogged (I did the syringe test on both).

So I'm wondering... is it almost certainly the out-of-date ink, or could the cyan channel be sucking air in somewhere, causing such an abrupt loss? I'm planning to buy new ink in any event, but if the cyan channel checks out after loading new ink, what do I chase next?
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