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Epson 4880 Driver

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I had my printer approved by a print tech through the phone that my printer is running as it should be because I managed to do a nozzle check through the printer. However I have run into the problem where my printer and computer do not communicate or something like that. I installed the Epson 4880 driver and installed Fastrip 9.0 on my computer which is running Windows XP. During the installation for the epson 4880 it asks you to connect printer to computer through a USB cable, as soon as I connected the USB cable, it caught the connection and the installation proceeded.

Now the problem is that when I try to do ANYTHING from the computer such as head cleanings, nozzle checks, or even sending a print job, NOTHING goes through. I looked at the printer details and everything and it all seems working. When I go into my epson 4880 printer preferences and go to the utility tab and press head cleaning an error comes up. It says "PAPER NOT LOADED CORRECTLY: Reload the paper and print again. Blah blah blah" What is the problem? Is there a port problem? Should I use a different USB cable? Please help >.<
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