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Epson 4880 Chips???

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I am always having problems with the Epson 4880 Blazer Pro Chips going bad. I have searched everywhere and can't find a place where I can find chips in bulk. I did find 10 million sites from china, but would have to order alot. Does anybody know anyplaces in the US who might sell them?

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We are planning on carrying replacement 4880 auto reset chips shortly. You can currently purchase replacement cartridges with chips attached from US Screen.

What are Auto Reset?

I figured it out. Why wouldn't US Screen put them on all their machines, since they have so many problems with them. It would save them money instead of replacing the whole cartridge.
Do a search on inkjet refill suppliers. Most of them carry both kinds of chips.
The logical fix would be to bypass this feature in the firmware, or to devise an external "Chip Reset Unit®". I've seen three different versions of over-sized, after-market, continuous-feed cartridges that have to be "massaged" to work properly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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