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Hi guy's, been reading through the threads on printers suitable for doing positives!

I am impressed with the Epson 4880.
I have simple seps from Tom ( all of his stuff actually )
I do all over printing onto clothes. ( done tiling film in the past using laser printer and it did my head in with shrinkage issues )

Can the 4880 be converted to be roll fed and if so what is best film for that?

What is best film in general for the 4880 for positives? ( if cant be roll fed i mean )

Can I go CISS with the 4880? ( I will be doing lots of film )

I'm in Australia and see some on Ebay for $600-$700! Is this a fair price?

Do I change out all ink cartridges to black? If so can I please get some recommendations for the correct ink to use and some suppliers links? ( keeping in mind I'm in OZ )

Anything else you can think of that I need to know will be greatly appreciated, some links on things will be groovy and some verifications from people on the forum using the 4880.
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Most people that have a 4880/4800 use rolls. I believe that the printer comes set up for this so you shouldn't need to add anything to it.

We have ours set up with all black refillable's. Get a chip resetter so when the printer says that one of the carts are empty you can reset the chip on the cartridge. Just google "epson 4880 refillable ink cartridge" and you'll find plenty of places selling them. We purchased ours from inkowl.com. Some run cleaner fluid in all but 1. We run black in all 8.

You'll want waterproof ink jet films that can be found from just about every screen printing supply company. There will be debates on who makes the best stuff. We stopped using 13" and only use 17" rolls now. We seem to get better multi color registration with 17"

We get our ink from Ryonet by the liter. https://www.screenprinting.com/blackmax-dye-ink-liter There are others so you'll just have to see what's available in your market.

Next you'll need a rip that allows you to use the all black set up. We use Accurip but there are others.

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If you've been doing your research, you are probably aware that the 4880 has been discontinued. We purchased a 4900 15 months ago and discovered that that, too, has been discontinued. Three months past warranty and it fails....typical.

Looks like the P800 is the replacement printer now vailable
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