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The workhorse of film printers! I have an Epson 4800 printer setup for screen printing positive printing for sale. It is setup with Black screen positive ink in the Black cartridge and cleaning solution in the others cartridges to keep head clean.

This is a great 17" wide printer for printing your screen printing films (positives) to expose your screens with the image. You can use rolls of film (what I use and 1 small roll is included to get you going) or sheets of film. It is currently setup and printing. You can use any roll size up to 17" wide (i.e. 13" or 17") or any sheet film up to 17" wide.

I'll include at asking price of $600 Wasatch SoftRip 6.0 with serial #, security dongle, install and other discs at no additional charge. You can transfer it to you and also upgrade to a newer version if you desire. This originally cost around $600

Cost: $600 obo for printer.

Located about an hour south of Houston, TX in Lake Jackson. You must come pick it up or arrange to have it picked up/shipped at your expense.


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