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Update, I changed my W1 to Black and so am running 3 white instead of 4. Having done some more research It seems the 4000 is a 7 colour print system, it prints either MK or PK not both, it just lets you load both of them at the same time to save the hassle of switching.


I have an Neoflex (Epson 4880) and I Have a little similar problem. My setup is Dual CMYK, but for some reason, the printer is printing the second magenta channel off the bed and also when I print a Bi-directional alignment test, the second magenta channel is missing. Also when doing a Bi-directional alignment test, there is a cyan box printed over the yellow boxes. It seems like a setup problem.

Here are som pics and a video of my problem.

Did you solve your problem?

Maybe you came up with a solution that could fit in my problem.

Sorry for my poor english. I am from Venezuela.


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