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Epson 1430 replacements and base?

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Hello, new to the forum and DTG.

My wife has a design business and I was thinking about putting some of her designs into fabric (not necessarily t-shirts at this moment). After reviewing the different types of printers DIYers use, I'm considering the Epson 1430, but:

-Epson's website says the replacement of a 1430 is the Artisan
-Amazon says this one is a replacement: Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-format Printer

Has anybody tried converting the XP-15000?

One the base side, I am thinking about going with the parts from OpenBuilds (wife said no to a wood base :) ), but I couldn't find a post with a list of materials and instructions. Would really appreciate some pointers in using those parts.

I have lots of other questions about DTG, but want to keep my posts simple and straight to the point. Will come up with one with my newbie questions soon.

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